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So you are ready to jump in and get involved in connecting to science... but aren't sure where to start. Here are some programs that COPUS partners encourage anyone to get involved in. There is a range of participatory options to suit anyone's appetite!

Science Cafés

A science café is an opportunity for people to talk about science in plain language in a welcoming, casual, comfortable atmosphere. Held in any place where the general public might gather for refreshments, the café focuses on any scientific topic of interest. A scientist gives a brief presentation, perhaps shows a short video clip, to kick off the discussion, and then everyone joins in!

Ways to get involved:

  • Attend a science cafe.
  • Host a science cafe.
  • Speak at a science cafe.

Interested in starting a science café in your community? Visit and click on the link for "start a café". Looking for a café in your community? Going on vacation and want to find a café at your destination? Click here: If you are a café organizer and want to be added to our map, contact the Science Café team [].

Science Festivals

It is hard to find a community that doesn't enjoy some type of festival throughout the year. Now that same spirit that runs through the street fairs, arts festivals, and carnivals in your region is alive and well in the name of science!

Science festivals tend to be large, inspiring celebrations of the fascinating world of science and technology. They usually feature signature events that draw large crowds, but they are more than just a party under the big tent. They often engage the community for several days, with events and programs popping up everywhere--including in some unexpected places. If there is an established science festival near you, get involved! If there isn't one, consider how you can make the science and technology in your region a part of a non-science festival already taking place in your area. Or if you think your region ought to have a stand-alone science festival of its own, start one!

Find out more from the Science Festival Alliance, a consortium dedicated to more and better science festivals everywhere. The Alliance website will help you find regional science festivals, hear news about festivals around the world, and connect with others that share your interests. Find out more at:
Or contact the Alliance directly at:connect (at) sciencefestivals (dot) org

Ways to get involved:

  • Attend a science festival.
  • Participate in an existing festival.
  • Start a festival in your community.

Science Zines

And, just what is a "zine?" Think magaZINE, but much, much smaller! The key is that it is self-made, self-published, easily distributable to others, and a fun way to share science! And anybody can make a zine - you only need to know and care about your topic and want to share it with others. As a simple paper booklet, zines are small, inexpensive, and something you can make copies of and leave absolutely anywhere - from buses to bookstores.

Ways to get involved:

  • Create a zine.
  • Hand out zines where ever you go.
  • Teach science using zines.

To learn more about how you can make a science zine - and to download some amazing, creative science zines - visit the Small Science Collective.

Citizen Science

What better way to get to understand and enjoy science than to do it! And that is what citizen science is all about! Anyone can participate in citizen science - from observing the birds in your backyard to collecting data for full-fledged experiments, citizen scientists contribute to real scientific research.

Ways to get involved:

  • Participte in a citizen science project.
  • Lead a groups participation in citizen science in your community.
  • Start a new citizen science initiative.

If you're interested in learning more, visit The site's Project Finder matches volunteers' interests to research projects they can do. From fireflies to oil spills, from solar storms to your local river--Science For Citizens has a project for you!

This list just scratches the surface!! If you know of an outstanding program model that belongs on this page, contact us at Someone from COPUS will contact you to learn more.

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