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We are passionate people promoting good science. By working together as a community, we can build on the cumulative energies, strengths, and perspectives of our members.

As part of a growing community, you are not alone! We offer opportunities to exchange ideas, make connections, or get involved. Explore possibilities within the COPUS community represented below!

Here are some of the things the COPUS community can do for you:

    Share ideas
    Looking for ideas on how to share and celebrate science in new and meaningful ways? Check out some of the awesome programs to consider!

    Find collaborators
    Science is way more fun to share with friends! Find others who might be interested in joining your effort by visiting our participating organization database.

    Read profiles about individuals who have make a difference to bridging the science culture gap in fun collaborative ways. We promise their stories will inspire you. Meet the COPUS Corps.



Celebrations provide opportunities to reflect on the positive contributions of science to society - besides, science is fun and well worth celebrating!

  • In 2009, we initiated the Year of Science 2009 to share how science works, why it matters, and who scientists are.
  • In 2010, we celebrated science as a nation through the USA Science and Engineering Festival and all the affiliated festivals around the country.
  • In 2011, Science Festivals are occurring nationally and locally and are supported by COPUS participants. Learn about these festivals, on the Science Festival Alliance Web site.
  • In 2015, we are organizing a collaborative effort to promote the process and nature of science to the public. To learn more about how to participate, read the Get Involved page!.



Science needs good promotion. We facilitate dialogue and share resources through person-to-person interactions. We also help with the rapid communication of novel ideas and transformative practices to the networked community so that good ideas spread quickly. Click here to become part of the network!

COPUS encourages the use of the Understanding Science.org Web site to strengthen understanding of the processes and nature of science.

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