Meet Stephanie Fine Sasse

CEO & Creative Director, The People’s Science

Northern California

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Currently working on: a multimedia toolkit for STEM educators that shares the stories and science of diverse researchers to empower students of all backgrounds.

Talk to me about (Northern California connections preferred):

  • STEM nonprofit management
  • funding models
  • marketing strategies for STEM resources

My science story: In college, I worked in a developmental neuroscience lab at the same time that I served on a nonprofit committee assessing the local juvenile justice system. The disconnect between the policies and the latest research on the teenage brain was astounding. I realized the power that science wielded wisely can have on crafting a better and more equitable world. It inspired me to shift my target from a career in research to improving the relationship between science, society, and the individual.

I’m the founding editor and contributing writer for the Learning & the Brain blog:

I am an active developmental researcher in the Affective Neuroscience & Development Lab at Harvard University:

I design nerdwear: