The COPUS Invitational Un-Conference

COPUSIn 2011, with the momentum of the Year of Science 2009 still in full gear, a group of COPUS members envisioned bringing together artists, educators, scientists, technologists, hobbyists and more to join forces and help to increase public understanding of and engagement with science. And so the COPUS Invitational Unconference was born! At this event, a group of invited guests, who ordinarily operate in isolation, join together to share knowledge, experiences, and discuss challenges. The conference is a think tank, a networking event, a showcase, a forum and a celebration - all rolled into one.

Paul ShinDuring the event, COPUS also awards the Paul Shin Memorial Award, formed to honor the contributions made by former COPUS Core member, Paul Shin, who demonstrated unrelenting passion in promoting good science in everything he did - as a teacher, police officer, and society member. Paul was an unsung hero of science, and this award enables COPUS to honor his memory, and those like him whose contributions often go unrecognized.

COPUS The attendees drive the events agenda. Together, invitees brainstorm on the topics of interest. This year we will be working toward celebrating science in 2015 at multiple levels, but always focusing on: how science works, who scientists are and why science matters.

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