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COPUS Sponsors and Supporters

UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

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Stanford Office of Science Outreach

Informed by Nature: “Sharing the beauty understanding brings”

…And All our crowdfunding supporters!

COPUS would like to recognize and thank the following organizations who helped start this grassroot initiative.

The Whitman Institute
The Geological Society of America
National Science Teachers Association
Informed by Nature
The Burroughs Wellcome Fund

The following organizations have made financial or in-kind contributions to COPUS.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Encyclopedia of Life
National Association of Biology Teachers
National Science Foundation
University of California Press

The following organizations contributed to the production and distribution of Understanding Science posters.

The following organizations donated prizes to the winners of the Zine-a-thon Contest.

American Chemical Society
American Institute of Biological Sciences
American Society for Microbiology
American Society for Photobiology
Banana Slug String Band
Deep Earth Academy – Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Encyclopedia of Life
Entomological Foundation
The Geological Society of America
NOAA Education
Discover Magazine: The Intersection Blog
Janice Van Cleave
Made With Molecules
National Center for Science Education
University of California Museum of Paleontology
Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT)
Society of Petroleum Engineers (Energy4me program)
The Science Cheerleader
Seven Oaks
WGBH Educational Foundation
University of California Press
WhaleTimes, Inc.
Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy