Meet Cindy Wilber

Executive Director Proyecto Itzaes
Director of Education Centro de Educación Ambiental de la Peninsula Yucateca (CEAPY)
Retired 2019 Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

Palo Alto, CA and Pto Chicxulub, Yucatán

[email protected] | Facebook | Proyecto Itzaes Website | Amigos del Centro del Educacion Ambiental de la Peninsula Yucateca

Currently working on: Projects that connect my work in California with my work in Yucatán.

Talk with me about:

  • Anthropology, Biology, Earth Science, Ecology, Health
  • K-12 Education, higher education (undergrad/postgrad)
  • Public Outreach
  • Non-profits
  • Diversity, opportunity

My STEM Story: I have always been interested in science and spent a lot of unsupervised time outside as a kid! Nature has always been the best learning space for me.