Meet Jarrod W. Lockhart

Assistant Director, Morehouse School of Medicine

Atlanta, Georgia


Currently working on:  My education doctorate in learning and organizational change at Baylor University.

Talk with me about:

  • Computer science, health
  • Secondary education (9-12), higher education, Public Outreach, Non-Profits
  • Research and grant writing
  • Curriculum and Pipeline programs

My STEM Story:  A memorable and first STEM moment for me was when I participated in vascular biology and hypertension research at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. My project won 2nd place in the final ceremony. This fuels the passion that I have regarding the importance of pipeline programs.

Projects: My current project includes a $3.2 million dollar federal grant that I wrote and acquired from the Department of Health & Human Services that focuses on health careers exposure for high school and college students. Additionally, the grant provides funding for medical student exposure to public health research. It also provides funding and resources to graduate students that are interested in attending medical school.