Meet Kaberi Kar Gupta

Visiting Scientist at North Carolina Museum of Natural Science

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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Currently working on: Urban ecology, (focusing on community-based conservation and citizen science in cities)

Talk with me about:

  • Ecology, Anthropology
  • Higher education (undergrad/postgrad), Public Outreach, Research
  • Non-Profits
  • Grant writing
  • Helping with reaching out to communities, verbal communication, with community members
  • Connecting with museums, schools and policymakers
  • Minority communities

How I got interested in STEM: My mother and my school biology teachers.

I started a community-based conservation project in urban Bangalore to study a nocturnal primate and conservation of biodiversity in cities. I am currently developing a urban pollination project, collaborating with museums, local schools and universities to work in communities. In the past I worked on urban water use and perception of home owners on waterside landscapes in Fresno, CA. My phd work is on behavioral ecology of slender loris in southern India. I also worked as a biologist in a Tiger Reserve before starting my PhD.